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No telephone number on web page for help

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The website is practically one step away from a scam. Nearly impossible to cancel. Not mobile friendly, all the books can be gotten for free and there all dated no modern books.

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I signed up for the free trial hoping that I could find an audio book for a book I had to read for my college class. After the 30 day free trail was up I was charged the 20 dollars onto my credit card before I was able to cancel my membership. They said they would not refund me even though I haven't used their services and I don't plan on it. I would never use this book service again.

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I never signed up for this! I have a credit card that I use strictly for emergencies so I never have it in my purse and I never go online to look at statements since I know I don't use the card. However, I recently went online to look into possibly transferring a balance to this card and discovered 10 months of charges from this company!!! I have no idea how they got my credit card info and I am now in a terrible fraud situation trying to... Read more

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They will charge you no matter what. I tried to cancel many times and nothing worked. I canceled my card, but they have access to my account somehow. Anyway, my bank eventually "blocked" their access (don't know why they didn't in the first place). I don't know if I'll ever be done putting up with this BS.

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Firstly, there is no way to see what books they have BEFORE you sign up so you're forced to enter your credit card number before you can even peruse their selection. Second, there is also no way to search as far as I can tell so you have to slog though page after page of books looking for what you want. Third, the selection is terrible and the quality of the narrator is totally hit and miss in terms of professional audion book reader. Lastly,... Read more

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I just purchased this trial subscription about a week ago. From day one, it was incredibly frustrating and at times, impossible to use. The website and app are ridiculous! There was no clear search feature to look up a specific book, one of their advertisements took up half the page, the first recording I listened to was of such poor quality, I couldn't continue, and one of the other books I downloaded crashed repeatedly. When I informed... Read more

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I downloaded a couple of books to test during the free trial trial period which seemed like a good idea having to various audio books before from different companies . In each case however the books I download were read with such a lack of skill or feeling that it was impossible to listen for more than a few minutes before the book was ruined for me. It just sounded as if the reader was sitting there looking at clock and making sure that the... Read more

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In a short sentence, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. I was excited about the idea of unlimited audiobooks, but the selection I saw was all stuff you get for free in other places. You must enter a credit card to even begin. Shady. When you see your account, it doesn't show your payment information. Legitimate sites allow you to view, edit, and delete your payment information. This site allows you to change your password...that's it. You can cancel by going... Read more

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They advertise on their front page that $19.99 is about £11.79. I wish it is in fact well over£16.

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