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So, over a month ago I signed up for this site and on the same day I cancelled (found the link in their terms of service) because I couldn't find anything I actually wanted on the site. Fast forward to today, and I see I was charged 19.99. I call the customer service line and they tell me I haven't been charged. I tell them that I need an explanation for this and they say they'll investigate it and get back to me via email. I'm probably going... Read more

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I signed up for the free trial because I thought it sounded like a great idea, unlimited audiobooks. But seriously, a big honking chunk of those books are already public domain, and you can listen to them on librivox for free. Their lists read like the used book sale of a high school library in 1978. I typed in a dozen authors and found none of the ones I was looking for, so I decided to cancel. I searched and searched on the site and found... Read more

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I noticed the complaints seem to revolve around folks complaining about charges. First, when you sign up, it states the terms quite clearly. Also to terminate the service is easy too. Just remember, nothing is free. BTW the search feature is easy to find too. Seems to me people expected free stuff and were upset that they didn't get it. Also, don't you look at your credit card statements? How could one be billed for several months without... Read more

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I just signed up for this service on a whim, and after finding out that their product offering is terrible and they don't even have a search bar I quickly wanted to cancel. After not being able to find a cancel button anywhere, I Googled reviews of the site and quickly freaked out after seeing that everyone has had this problem. This review is to help anyone who is looking for a way to cancel before they are charged. After carefully reading... Read more

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Yes, I went back and read the ONE and only does say that at the very bottom of the email thread, technically you protect yourselves but in the same context you have lost still have not gone the extra mile in reminding me of the costs, and as you can see by my account I NEVER read again from that initial trial period. My customer experience has been poor and no engagement came from you or any other agent, the available books... Read more

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They stole my bank information and charged me for something that I never signed up for then cancled me the day my bank account was charged . Do not trust them uf u sign up for email notifications they sign u up without ur knowledge and get ur bank info from any googleplay apps u may pay for. In my case it was boohub..i never recieved an email from them during this month i supposedly signed up for so i had no idea and they new i didnt Read more

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Signed up for free trial. Emailed to cancel (limited contact options and no option to cancel) Told after they took money from my card without notification that they had not received this. Poor books Poor site navigation Poor communication Poor service Don't waste your time!

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Unbeknownst to me, I subscribed to this cowboy outfit years ago and I don't even remember their name. What happened to me is they deducted $30NZD from my account today...what the ***! I rang my bank straight away then investigated this outfit and sent a brutal and direct email to them (a few choice words in content). Basically what they're telling me is because I never answered their *** email probably 2 years about opt out or... Read more

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Why am I being charged almost €20 a month by this company. I liked the site and definitely didn't sign up for anything, I thought I had learned my lesson from a previous scam and avoid them like the plague. I have had no success with customer services. Any advice would be appreciated. To post this message I am being asked to admit that I have read the Terms and Conditions. I haven't because why should I when I never agreed to them in the first... Read more

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Consumer "help" are no help at all! While on line I thought I was simply reviewing the titles of books available; however, somehow I actually joined the "book club". After a couple months I learned that I was being charged a monthly fee and I hadn't even gotten the free sample. When I called the customer service line I learned that nothing could be done about my problem -- no refund and no free sample. They did offer, however, to end my... Read more

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