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Well, I guess I should have read the reviews here first. But I see that my story is pretty standard. I was looking for book, signed up for a free trial, didn't find the book and left, thinking I would cancel later.

30 days later I get a charge on my card, I immediately email them requesting to cancel the account and return the money, since I had not used and didn't intend to use the account at all. Received a long letter about how customer satisfaction is important for them and that the account was cancelled and I could enjoy a month of pre-paid access.

Emailed again, said (again) I wanted the money back and did not intend to use the service.

Another long polite letter from them about importance of customer satisfaction, but nothing about the refund. I called. Lovely lady Janelle said that she was sending a request to "supervisor" to approve the return and it may take up to 48 business hours to process it. One week passed, no return or any word from them. Sent another email request...that was ignored. I called again. Another lovely lady responded that the refund request was submitted, but there was no guarantee that "they" will refund me. "Who are they?" I asked and why wouldn't they refund me? Turned out the billing department and again "the request has to go through a supervisor". I asked for the supervisor name and was told "there are many of them" and in case I needed a status update I had to call that "customer rip-off" number again...and again...and again...anyway... based on reviews here I don't really expect the refund anymore. Just wanted to send everybody else a warning. Don't use them.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment at All You Can Books. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $22 and wants All You Can Books to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was refusal to issue a refund. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I emailed them about an additional charge on my card and they got right back with me. I replied back from their email and told them to cancel my membership. I didn't hear back from them and stupidly thought my membership was cancelled until I got my bank statement.


Tho Q for your review.. Very helpful in deciding Not to sign up for there free trial


I reallyI really thank you for the comment that you left. Then it stopped me from buying their books and I'm happy because I didn't want to give them my email so I know on their listing that they have free download free ebooks free free this free that is all bull *** thank !so I thank you very much for stopping me to get into some fraud stuff! unlike you I would have been pissed if I didn't get my money back!!!!!!


When this happens always easier to dispute payment with credit card company rather than waste your time trying to get credited payment

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